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February 2008. JAKARTA, Indonesia.


The realization of an Indonesian society that is free, sovereign, united, democratic, just and prosperous as well as civilized and godly based on Pancasila, as stated in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, is the common goal of all Indonesian people. To realize these ideals, it can only be achieved by maintaining national unity and unity, with the foundation of Pancasila.

National culture and national insight must be the main capital to strengthen unity and integrity. So that the differences between us actually become a blessing and become the strength of the Indonesian nation.

However, the majority of the people are still wallowing in suffering, our political system has never been able to formulate and carry out a national economy to raise the dignity of the majority of Indonesian people from poverty.

Even in our efforts to build the nation, along the way we have been trapped by a market economic system. The market economic system has ravaged the nation's economy, causing a difficult situation for the life of the people and the nation. This has resulted in an increase in the number of poor and unemployed people. In such a situation, there is no other choice for this nation except to create an atmosphere of national independence by building a people's economic system.

Called to give charity to the nation and people of Indonesia, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, we, the undersigned, DECLARATE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE RAYA INDONESIA MOVEMENT PARTY (GERINDRA).

The Great Indonesia Movement Party is a people's party that longs for an Indonesia that is awake in spirit and body. The Great Indonesia Movement Party is a people's party that is determined to fight for prosperity and justice in all fields.

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October 18, 2022. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.

Far from replacing one payment method with another, QR users use it as a complement to card payments: 85% maintained or increased their prepaid card transactions.

According to data collected by Ualá, the use of QR as a means of payment has not stopped growing since its incorporation into the app towards the end of 2021. As of today, it is strongly linked to consumption by adolescents and young adults: 1 of Every 2 transactions are made by people under 24 years of age.

The Transfers 3.0 initiative enabled anyone to pay with the QR they want in any business that accepts this modality, in a simple, fast and secure way. From what is recorded in terms of consumption, local businesses are the spaces in which it is used the most: 7 out of 10 transactions are made in supermarkets, food stores, kiosks and small businesses.

Far from replacing one payment method with another, QR users use it as a complement to card payments: 85% maintained or increased their prepaid card transactions.

In terms of geographic distribution, the Province of Buenos Aires participates in 43% of the country's total, Córdoba with 8% and Mendoza with 5%, as the main districts. Greater Buenos Aires concentrates 35% of transactions nationwide, with a predominance of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the districts of La Matanza, Lomas de Zamora, Almirante Brown, Moreno, Florencio Varela, Merlo, San Miguel, Lanús and General San Martin.

It should be noted that the range of 13 to 24 years is the one who uses it the most, being responsible for 53% of the total transactions. For its part, the segment from 24 to 44 years contributes 40% of the total. On average, the ticket is $1,500 pesos and increases according to the age of the users.

“The interoperability and integration of collections and payments is a great advance within the universe of digital finance in Argentina, but there is still a long way to go. Today anyone can pay with a QR code in any store that accepts it, whatever wallet they have. From Ualá we are committed to continuing to build a more integrated and inclusive financial ecosystem, in which users can decide freely about their money” , said Romina Simonelli, VP of Means of Payment at Ualá.

5 years after its launch, Ualá offers a wide ecosystem of products, including the possibility of charging and paying with QR. With the Ualá Bis solution , businesses can charge their products and services quickly, safely and with immediate accreditation with a competitive commission scheme of 0% for the first three months and then 0.6% + VAT.

To pay with QR through Ualá, the user has to enter the "Pay with QR" section and scan the code. In this way, depending on the available code, whether open or closed, the amount to be paid must be entered or displayed, respectively; to finally validate the payment with the security of the app and finalize the transaction.

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If you are a journalist and want to contact us, leave us your information here and we will contact you.

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January 032023.


Several drivers will celebrate significant milestones in the 2023 Repco Supercars Championship.

Of the 25 contracted drivers, 17 are set to celebrate significant milestones throughout the year.

By the end of the 2023 season, 21 of the 25 drivers will have made 100 or more race starts.

One driver will become just the third to the 600-race milestone, with another cracking 500 starts.

Drivers will also crack 400 starts and 300 starts, while four young guns will bring up 100 starts.

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship will commence in Newcastle on March 10-12.

Tickets are on sale on and

600 races

Mark Winterbottom’s seventh start of the year — set to be in Perth — will be his 600th. He will become just the third driver, after Craig Lowndes (675) and Garth Tander (642) to start 600 races. He will also pass Rick Kelly into third all-time for round starts, and will end the year on 275 round starts. Winterbottom’s debut came in the 2003 enduros for Stone Brothers Racing.

550 races

The 22nd race of the year, which is set to be at The Bend, will be James Courtney’s 550th start. Only seven drivers — Lowndes (675), Tander (642), Russell Ingall (588), Rick Kelly (580), Jason Bright (577), Winterbottom (593) and Jamie Whincup (554) — have started 550 or more races. Courtney debuted in the 2005 enduros for the Holden Racing Team.

500 races

Shane van Gisbergen will become just the ninth driver to start 500 races when he makes his 17th start in 2023. It is set to come in Townsville, where he has won 10 races. Van Gisbergen debuted as a teenager for Team Kiwi Racing at Oran Park in 2007.

400 races

Tim Slade’s first start with PremiAir Racing, on the streets of Newcastle, will be his 400th career race start. He will be the 20th driver to start 400 or more races. Slade debuted for Paul Morris Motorsport in 2009.

300 races

Both Walkinshaw Andretti United drivers will join the ‘300 club’ in 2023. Chaz Mostert’s 300th start will come in Race 4 (Albert Park) before Nick Percat chalks up the same milestone in Race 12 (Tasmania). Mostert debuted in 2013, and Percat in 2010.

250 races

Cam Waters brought up 100 round starts and 200 race starts in 2022. In 2023, he will make his 250th race start, which is set to come in Adelaide. Waters debuted as a teenager at Mount Panorama in 2011.

150 races

Macauley Jones will celebrate his 150th race start in Race 4 at Albert Park. Jones debuted in the 2015 enduros.

100 races

Three young drivers are set to bring up 100 race starts in 2023 — James Golding, Jake Kostecki, and Will Brown. Second-year PremiAir driver Golding’s ninth start in 2023 will be his 100th start. The 17th race of the year, in Townsville, will be Jake Kostecki’s 100 start. Brown will record start No. 100 in Race 26 on the Gold Coast.

100 rounds

Andre Heimgartner will celebrate his 100th round start in Perth. He scored his first Brad Jones Racing podium at the Wanneroo circuit in May last year. Heimgartner debuted in the 2014 enduros in a Super Black Falcon.

50 rounds

Heimgartner’s BJR teammates Jack Smith and Bryce Fullwood will both bring up 50 round starts. Smith will hit 50 rounds in Sydney, and Fullwood at The Bend — the scene of his sole Supercars podium in 2020. James Golding will record his 50th round start in Perth.

50 races

The two 2022 rookies — Thomas Randle and Broc Feeney — will record their 50th race starts in 2023. Randle will hit 50 in Perth, with Feeney to hit the number in Darwin.

ATCC/Supercars race starts for full-time 2023 contracted drivers

593: Mark Winterbottom 528: James Courtney 518: Will Davison 483: Shane van Gisbergen 404: David Reynolds 399: Tim Slade 312: Scott Pye 296: Chaz Mostert 288: Nick Percat 223: Cam Waters 216: Andre Heimgartner 170: Jack Le Brocq 159: Todd Hazelwood 154: Anton De Pasquale 146: Macauley Jones 105: Jack Smith 101: Bryce Fullwood 91: James Golding 83: Jake Kostecki 74: Will Brown 71: Brodie Kostecki 42: Thomas Randle 36: Broc Feeney 1: Matt Payne, Cameron Hill

ATCC/Supercars round starts for full-time 2023 contracted drivers

263: Mark Winterbottom 233: James Courtney, Will Davison 215: Shane van Gisbergen 187: David Reynolds 184: Tim Slade 137: Scott Pye 130: Chaz Mostert 129: Nick Percat 105: Cam Waters 96: Andre Heimgartner 78: Jack Le Brocq 71: Todd Hazelwood 67: Anton De Pasquale, Macauley Jones 48: James Golding 43: Jack Smith 42: Bryce Fullwood 34: Jake Kostecki 32: Will Brown 28: Brodie Kostecki 22: Thomas Randle 15: Broc Feeney 1: Matt Payne, Cameron Hill

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