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PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app”.

2015. MUMBAI, India.

Simplifying healthcare & Impacting lives!

PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare “super app” that provides consumers with on-demand, home delivered access to a wide range of prescription, OTC pharmaceutical, other consumer healthcare products, comprehensive diagnostic test services, and teleconsultations thereby serving their healthcare needs.

To change the face of healthcare in India, one consumer at a time.

25 Million Registered Users as of Jun 30, 2021 8.8 Million PharmEasy Orders as of FY21 2.4 Million Transacting customers as of FY21

Core Values of PharmEasy

To further our vision and goals, we came up with the following core values. Our values are highly instrumental in deciding where we want to go and how we will get there.

A sneak peak behind the scenes

We believe that great work culture is a vital ingredient to a company’s success. Our team members are encouraged to take ownership and work as a unit. Every team member inspires and motivates other members to contribute to the team’s success.


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