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Standard Chartered and UCEP Bangladesh start employment reintegration programme

July 06, 2022. DHAKA, Bangladesh.

A re-skilling and employment reintegration programme for individuals whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19 and by recent flooding in areas of northern Bangladesh.

Standard Chartered Bangladesh and UCEP Bangladesh have launched a re-skilling and employment reintegration programme for individuals whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19 and by recent flooding in areas of northern Bangladesh. Under this partnership, 500 beneficiaries in the Sylhet district will receive market-driven vocational training.

The programme caters to individuals who have lost their jobs and source of income in recent months. Of the 500 selected beneficiaries, 278 are individuals looking to recover from the pandemic, while the remaining 222 are individuals who have been displaced and impacted by this year’s devastating floods. Female beneficiaries and beneficiaries residing in rural locales were prioritised during the selection process.

Naser Ezaz Bijoy, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bangladesh, said, “When the floodwaters flowed across northern Bangladesh, they had a devastating impact on communities that were already battling climate change and dealing with the drawn-out aftershocks of the pandemic. The key to rebuilding these communities is to help them to adapt to their new reality. Bridging the skills gap and empowering members of our wider community to seize new opportunities is an important part of this process. We are happy to continue our partnership with UCEP, and to play a role in equipping people with the necessary skills and resources they need for a prosperous future.”

Dr. Md. Abdul Karim, Executive Director, UCEP Bangladesh, said, “We are thankful to Standard Chartered Bangladesh for their continuing support to expand the re-skilling and reintegration programme, which helps the youth and young adults who have lost their job due to the COVID pandemic.”

The material to be taught as part of the re-skilling and employment reintegration programme has been developed by UCEP Bangladesh following a number of assessments and studies which have identified skill related gaps across both the formal and informal sector. The current programme is designed to prepare participants and to equip them with the skills required to meet the current and future demands of the job market

With over 117 years of uninterrupted presence in the nation, Standard Chartered Bangladesh is dedicated to driving commerce and growth without leaving people behind, negatively impacting the planet, or creating divisions that diminish our sense of community. Raising awareness about the environment and working to combat climate change has been a top priority for the Bank given the extreme risk the climate crisis poses to communities across Bangladesh. The world today is grappling with challenges that are unprecedented – both in terms of scope and scale. While the mounting health crisis is undoubtedly a major challenge, it is one of many.

Depressed economic activity as a result of the pandemic continues to put distressed communities in jeopardy, forcing individuals to deal with health and safety concerns in conjunction with financial stress and PUBLIC uncertainty. To deal with immediate challenges brought on by the pandemic, Standard Chartered is working with development sector partners to deliver aid and essentials to hard-hit communities and to support frontline health services. To enable longer-term recovery, the Bank is focused on empowering communities via education, skills development, workforce reintegration, health interventions, and digital innovation.

UCEP Bangladesh was established by Lindsay Allan Cheyne in 1972. UCEP Bangladesh is a non-governmental organization which provides Second Chance Education to out-of-school children and Decent Work to youth & adults through Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) and Skills Development. UCEP places a special focus on Social Inclusion, therefore gives priority to women, children, and youth from poor and underprivileged families.


For further information please contact:

Bitopi Das Chowdhury

Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand & Marketing,

Bangladesh Standard Chartered Bank


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