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The House View Snapshot

June 24, 2022. FRANKFURT.

The gathering storm.

What can we expect from central banks over the next few months? Is a US recession inevitable? How is the war in Ukraine affecting different regions? What is the outlook for equities, rates, credit and monetary policy? Deutsche Bank Research macro economists have published their current thoughts on macro and market views from around the world in the latest edition of The House View. In his foreword to the publication, Group Chief Economist David Folkerts-Landau said:

“Since our last House View in April, our street-leading prediction of a US recession by end-2023 is no longer such an outlier. As we feared, inflation has proven much stickier than expected and longer-term expectations are rising too. But central bankers are now reacting to inflation with more conviction and have commenced a campaign of rate hikes that will end the last decade of very easy money.”

Take a look at what Jim Reid, Marion Laboure and Henry Allen have to say in our House View Snapshot

Deutsche Bank Research clients can read the full report.


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