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Indonesian Hindu University Business Incubator

May 20, 2022. DENPASAR, Bali.

Business Incubators at higher education institutions/Universities are now a must. The business incubator provides facilities and development of soft-skill and hard-skill capabilities for tenants and prospective entrepreneurs, in order to become entrepreneurs who are superior, tough, independent, competitive, and profitable.

Three Circles (symbolizing unifying and round unity). The outer circle is golden yellow. The center circle is white with 19 golden yellow dots (dots), the symbol of the 19th (date of founding of the Indonesian Hindu University). The inner circle is white with 5 dots (dots) in yellow gold, the symbol of the month of May (the month of the founding of Indonesian Hindu universities).

The Padma Flower Leaf is composed of three layers as a symbol of the Higher Education's task, namely the Tri Dharma of Higher Education (education, teaching, research and community service). Each layer of lotus leaves consists of 8 strands which symbolize the eight directions of the wind (Asta Loka). Lotus petals with flat edges, with a golden yellow tint. The second layer of lotus petals with a semicircular pointed edge is golden yellow.

Pusat sari melambangkan pusat ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi, seni dan keagamaan yang suci dan luhur, terdiri atas 93 bintik kuning emas yang melambangkan berdirinya Universitas Hindu Indonesia.


To become a reliable and sustainable Business Incubator, to foster strong and independent startup entrepreneurs based on technology and local wisdom in 2025 in Bali


To become an entrepreneur based on technology and local wisdom in Bali

Helping technology-based start-ups to commercialize products based on local wisdom in Bali

Realizing a sustainable business incubator (people, profit, planet).


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