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Olga Kazakova: "United Russia" in the spring session did not slow down implementation of the people

July 6, 2022. MOSCOW, Russia.

At the same time, the party began the process of harmonizing legislation regarding the education system of Donbass and the liberated territories.

On September 1, schools in these territories should begin full-fledged work, said the coordinator of the direction of the United Russia people's program "Modern Education and Advanced Science", the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education at a party briefing.

“The emphasis in this half-year was placed on protecting the inhabitants of Donbass, but we did not stop the implementation of the people's program. A very important issue is the overhaul of schools. We have already identified 1,661 facilities this year, funding has not been reduced — this is 67 billion rubles. We will fulfill all the instructions given by the President,” Olga Kazakova emphasized.

She added that two important tasks concerning teachers have been solved. This is the abolition of the concept of "service" in relation to the work of a teacher and the debureaucratization of education.

Much attention is paid to children with disabilities.

“We have clarified the norms related to the provision of two meals a day for children who do not live in educational institutions, but study in correctional classes or at home. Such children must be provided with two free meals without fail, this norm has also been introduced and will be implemented,” Olga Kazakova said.

She also noted that a draft law on unified approaches to day care groups has been adopted. A legislative norm has been proposed that allows the creation of industrial complexes in institutions of secondary vocational education.

“They will become not only a place of practice, but also the first place of work for students. This is a unique norm that teachers and students asked for,” Olga Kazakova emphasized.

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