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Sber to hold nine essions and workshops on design at Russian Creative Week

July 07, 2022. MOSCOW, Russia.

They will discuss why it is important to develop creative technology.

Sber is taking part in the Russian Creative Week, which will be held in Moscow on July 7-10 and will see seven Sber panel sessions and two workshops with speakers from Sber and partner companies, Russian and international experts. They will discuss why it is important to develop creative technology in Russian regions, talk about cross-disciplinarity in the creative process and the importance of the national code in a professional journey, creating corporate design processes and features of future interfaces, the importance of research and an inclusive approach, trends in typography and type design in creative industries.

The events of the Russian Creative Week will gather Pyotr Koltypin, vice president, Chairman of the Volgo-Vyatka Bank of Sberbank; Evgeniy Domnikov, head of Creative Technology Development, Sberbank; Alexander Eremenko, head of Brand Development, Sberbank; Maxim Kozlov, head of the Sber AR/VR Lab; Yaroslav Sizov, design cluster leader, SberBank Online; Yuliana Slashcheva, chair of the Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, CEO of the Gorky Film Studio; Ilya Mikhailov, design director at SberDevices; and other experts from Sber and partner companies.

Sessions and master classes of Sber and the events with experts from Sber and partner companies will be webcast at

Evgeniy Domnikov, head of Creative Technology Development, Sberbank:

“Sber has gained a unique expertise. Our team’s multidisciplinary efforts thrive in the following domains: communications, product, digital, industrial, sound and type design, CX / UX research, AR / VR, motion, game and 3D design, visual effects, digital avatars, etc. Sber’s design ecosystem features communities, accelerators, laboratories, and knowledge platforms for innovative projects. Sber has been the first choice employer for creative professionals for the last few years. We are ready to share our experience to develop the creative industries in Russia together.”

The Russian Creative Week has the following sessions scheduled:

  • July 7, 2:30–3:30 pm – “International Outlook on Design and its Future (Russia, China, Mexico)”. The session will address cross-disciplinarity in the creative process and the importance of the national code in a professional journey.

  • July 7 4:50–5:40 pm — “Regions vs the Capital. Where do Creative Technologies Live?” A session about the importance of developing creative technology in the regions of Russia and if the creative industry can facilitate the development of local economies.

  • July 7 5:20–6:20 pm — “Creating Corporate Design Processes”: how many tasks can design tools address; should a product evolve from the design or should the design follow a product; building an effective design system.

  • July 8, 11:00–12:00 am — “Designer of the Future: How Will the Trends Change, Where to Study to Become a Designer, What Skills do Businesses Need”: should a designer be able to draw and code; what skills will designers need in the near future; do multidisciplinary designers exist?

  • July 8 7:20–6:20 pm — “Device and Digital Product Design: Interfaces of the Future”: what is an interface; should users adapt to the interface or should the interface adapt to the user; are users ready to interact with voice, gesture or neural interfaces; what other ways of interaction will come to being, and how can you tell a beautiful fantasy from a useful tool.

  • July 8 6:10–7:10 pm — “Research Practice and an Inclusive Approach as the Key to Successful Service Development”: how timely research can affect the success of a product; what methods and tools can be applied to understand your user; how to develop a product based on user data and what it means to “think about each user”.

  • July 10, 3:00–4:00 pm — “Typography and Type Design in Creative Industries”: why buy fonts for a project and can a typeface replace a designer; what to prefer, developing your own font or buying a ready-made one; legal aspects of font use.

Other master classes scheduled at the Russian Creative Week are “Technology Trends in a Metaverse” by Sber AR/VR Lab (July 9, 5:00–6:00 pm) and “Work Practice at Sber’s R&D Laboratory: Methodologies and Tools” by Sberbank’s Customer Experience Lab (July 10 1:20–2:20 pm).

Register for free on the website of the event to participate in the Russian Creative Week in person.


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