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"Building a better future is everyone's business."

"Nothing great can be accomplished without everyone's involvement...", so during his accession speech on July 12, 2005, our Sovereign appealed to all Monegasques to make Monaco a model country. In Synergie Monégasque there is this gathering for the same purpose of all Monegasques who share a common vision for the Principality. Synergie Monégasque aims to unite Monegasques around the notions of civic spirit, exemplarity, participation and involvement. Citizenship is the devotion of the citizen for his country, of the individual for the community. Our association calls for the involvement of everyone in order to meet the expectations of our Sovereign and thus build together a model of society.

Moving forward while respecting our particularities, allowing Monaco to be at the forefront of the international scene, to play an essential role on several levels, despite the small size of the territory and allowing Monegasques to be proud of it and to 'imply.

Expansion is possible and necessary but the quality of life takes precedence, Synergie Monégasque will work for a harmonious and profitable development for everyone...


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