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Samsung Austin Semiconductor receives awards for water treatment programs

April 25, 2022. AUSTIN.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor's commitment to environmental stewardship is being recognized with three awards related to its water treatment programs.

On World Water Day (March 22), Evoqua Water Technologies named Samsung Austin Semiconductor the winner of its annual Water Sustainability Award. The award recognizes companies for their water stewardship, including companies using new or existing technologies in innovative, sustainable ways.

The award specifically acknowledges Samsung Austin Semiconductor's copper ion exchange process that removes and recovers copper from wastewater prior to discharge in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.

Samsung's system also eliminates 1.5 million pounds of sludge from being sent to the landfill annually and conserves more than 1.5 million gallons of water per year.

In April, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality also awarded Samsung Austin Semiconductor with the 2022 Governor's Texas Environmental Excellence Award for its copper ion exchange process in the Technical/Technology category.

The Texas Environmental Excellence Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes achievements in environmental preservation and protection.

Excellence in Pretreatment

For the 10th year in a row, Samsung Austin Semiconductor is being recognized by the City of Austin for Excellence in Pretreatment, an award which honors distinguished Significant Industrial Users who exhibit environmental stewardship by proactively preventing pollution and expertly managing wastewater discharge.

"Thank you for continuing to meet all the various regulatory requirements set forth in Austin City Code and for taking innovative approaches to ensure clean water for future generations. Samsung Austin Semiconductor's efforts truly make a positive difference in the Austin community," wrote Austin Water's Environmental-Conservation Division Manager Jay Porter.

"Samsung Austin Semiconductor has made numerous strides to address our environmental commitment," said Dr. Sang Sup Jeong, President of Samsung Austin Semiconductor. "It is an honor to receive these awards and we'll continue our efforts to be a leader and steward of our environment in all of our operations and business."

To celebrate World Water Day, Samsung Austin Semiconductor invited the Colorado River Alliance's Mobile River exhibit to its campus so employees have the opportunity to learn more about the watershed and how everyone can play a role in protecting and preserving the area's water resources.


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