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Volocopter Opens First Public VoloCity Exhibition in Asia

July 12, 2022. SINGAPORE.

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), announced today that it has partnered with Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to launch a VoloCity public exhibition including free guided tours in the Lion City. This is Volocopter’s first exhibition to feature its commercial air taxi model in Asia, and the company’s first-ever long-term exhibition to open its doors to the public anywhere in the world.

First Volocopter Volocity exhibition in Asia opens in Singapore @Volocopter

  • Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry and German Ambassador to Singapore attended the opening ceremony

  • Interactive exhibition features 3D VoloPort model and chance to sit in the VoloCity at Aerospace Hub, ITE College Central

  • Public can sign up for the free tours to access the exhibition

Located at Aerospace Hub, ITE College Central, the exhibition features a 3D VoloPort scale model and detailed information on both the UAM industry and Volocopter. Visitors will also have the chance to sit in the aircraft and get a sense of what this new form of transportation will be like.

Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Gan Kim Yong, and German Ambassador to Singapore Dr. Norbert Riedel, both attended the opening ceremony alongside other senior representatives from Singapore government agencies and Volocopter’s partners.

Gan Kim Yong— Minister for Trade and Industry

“Singapore welcomes innovative companies like Volocopter which seek to build entirely new industries here. We are excited about the prospects of developing an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem in Singapore, and hope that through this exhibit, the public can learn more about this new form of urban mobility.”

Dr. Norbert Riedel— German Ambassador to Singapore

“Singapore and Germany enjoy excellent bilateral relations and are important trade partners. We are pleased to see continued cooperation in various sectors, especially in emerging industries such as urban air mobility. We believe both countries stand to benefit from these deepened collaborations.”

Singapore is one of the first launch cities for Volocopter. The German company conducted Asia’s first crewed public test flight of an air taxi in a city centre over Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay in 2019, and has been working very closely with the city. It is committed to launching the UAM services in Singapore in the next couple of years. It has recently released a dedicated roadmap that revealed its UAM services could generate an estimated SGD 4.18 billion in cumulative economic benefits and create up to 1,300 jobs in Singapore by 2030.

Christian Bauer— Chief Commercial Officer of Volocopter

“This is the perfect time to showcase our VoloCity in Singapore, as our latest local market survey showed a significant uptick in the proportion of respondents who are excited to try an air taxi service. We hope to increase public awareness and education on this new form of mobility and the many ways it will benefit Singapore. We are partnering with local institutions and organizations as we build our UAM ecosystem. ITE is an ideal place to display our aircraft, as we hope to inspire the next generation of aviation talent to engage with the emerging UAM industry. ”

Low Khah Gek— Chief Executive Officer of ITE

“ITE is privileged to host the VoloCity’s first Asian exhibition on our campus. It will boost our plans to equip students with the relevant skill sets and provide the industry know-how and exposure that will encourage applied learning. There is no better way to inspire a visionary approach to technology than having the cusp of it physically in the campus.”

With its two seats and 18 rotors, the fully electric VoloCity is Volocopter’s first commercial product and is currently working toward achieving certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), with the aim of launching commercially in the next couple of years.

Starting August 2022, Volocopter will be offering free guided tours on a regular basis. Anyone interested in taking one is invited to sign up here.

Mr Gan Kim Yong, SIngapore's Minister for Trade and Industry, takes a seat in the Volocity @Volocopter

From left to right: Mr. Christian Bauer, Chief Commercial Officer, Volocopter. Mr Gan Kim Yong, Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry. Ms. Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer, ITE. Mr. Oliver Reinhardt, Chief Risk and Certification Officer, Volocopter. @Volocopter.

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